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q4 2021


q4 2021
Early prototype access to the PIX purchasing and trading marketplaceRelease of IX Token (IXT)
q1 2022


q1 2022
Launch of decentralized finance (DeFi) componentes:
  • IX Token Staking
  • PIX Staking
  • PIX lending solutions
Introducing Gameplay activities that reward IX tokens:
  • Quests & Challenges
  • Grants & Charity awards
q2 2022

dao + p2e

q2 2022
  • Planet IX DAO
  • Decentralizing governance & voting
  • Introducing Territory DAOs:

    Co-owning and merging territories for further development.

  • Play 2 Earn
  • Impact 2 Earn
q3 2022

further defi upgrades

q3 2022
  • DEFI Upgrades & Personalization Iterated staking model; PIX Yield Farming
  • Introducing Non-Playing-Characters & Avatars
  • In-game auctioning of NFT assets
  • NFT Crafting, unlocking new features
q4 2022

dev sdk

q4 2022
  • Developer SDK interface
  • SDK enabling MODS for in-game development.

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